Our actions

Our actions

Our actions

Different projects supported

In order to develop transdisciplinary approaches, the CLIMAE metaprogramme implements the following actions. External funding sources (national, European, etc.) are also encouraged in order to strengthen these resources.

►Animation and reflection actions (national or international) favouring the integration of knowledge, through a governance that listens to INRAE scientific community and encourages co-constructed projects  :

  • scientific networks ("consortia")
  • seminars and workshops open to all
  • a dialogue with the relevant stakeholders
  • promotion and communication tools: websites, mailing list, CLIMAE newsletter, etc.

► Funding actions for interdisciplinary projects:

  • through calls for projects open to outside parties with their own funds ("AMI" allowing project ideas to be solicited, on all or part of the metaprogramme's research axes)
  • through key actions and incubated and co-constructed projects

►Actions to support capacity building :

  • co-financing of thesis grants, which can be set up with external partners (Thesis)
  • support for international development
  • training (MOOC, research schools, etc.)


Encourage, support and follow scientific communities and networks as well as multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary consortia in the field of the...
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Exploratory projects
Motivate scientists from different disciplines to contribute to building a new community, develop the interface between disciplinary fields, and...
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Le métaprogramme CLIMAE cofinance des thèses en rapport avec sa thématique.
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